This blog explores an idea I first posted on The intent is to create a ‘language of critique’ for user experiences. It was initially targeted at online user experiences but i’m hoping to extend it beyond that. I’m going to regularly post new examples of each characteristic and principle and i’m hoping for suggestions and contributions!

  1. An introduction of “characteristics” and “principles”. (pdf | jpg)
  2. The characteristics. (pdf | jpg)
  3. The principles. (pdf | jpg)


If you have ideas or examples, please comment or email me: info at

RichardRichard is a Senior Manager of User Experience at Vanguard and is active in the User Experience and Information Architecture communities. He helped organize the IA Summit in 2005, 2006 and 2007 and was the conference chair for the 2008 Summit in Miami. Richard has been in the United States with Vanguard since 1999, before that he lived in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North of England where he was a co-owner of a leading UK Web Consultancy. When he’s not working he enjoys hanging out with his wife and three children, reading, playing guitar and juggling.


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